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Wigo Online Registration Process Step-By-Step 
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Wigo Ethernet installation step-by-step 

Online Registration Process – User side Summary

1. Customer pays, POS issues a receipt.
2. Customer is given a User Equipment (UE) Package.
3. Customer opens the UE package.
4. Customer finds an Installation CD enclosed.
a. User could use his or the POS notebook and/or PC for Installation,

5. User inserts the Installation CD into a notebook and/or PC, the Installation CD will auto run to
a. Install / Update the IPW PC  Software on the Notebook and/or PC.
b. Install / Update the IPW Modem Driver Files to the Notebook and/or PC (The current Driver Files available is only Window 2000 and Window XP).

6. User will be prompted to connect the Modem to the computer now.
7. User connects the Modem (via the USB Connector provided) to his notebook and/or PC switch the “ON” button.
8. The Notebook and/or PC will install / update the hardware information upon detecting the modem, it will configure the Notebook and/or PC accordingly.
9. Once completed, Registration will prompt.
10. The registration page will be at the corresponding ISP registration page.
11. The system would find the IMEI and the Online Registration Form that user see will have the field IMEI pre-filled.
12. User is required to fill in information. It is very important to collect correct data here especially location coordinates as follows:

- UserName
- IMEI (a unique code (15 digit) that differentiates the UE, automatically filled sent by the unit on connect)
- Email
- Phone Number
- City
- Area
- Street
- Building
- Floor

13. User will select the service plan and fill in the scratch card number.
14. System will check if the user is an existing user.
15. If the user is a new user, he will proceed to new account creation

If the user is an existing user, he will be prompted to decide whether to add a new credit or refill his acount.

16.User would be required to create a User Name and Password for him to access to the service next time.
17.Information will be returned to Cable One for update user will be informed on its Customer ID (which is tied to its IMEI number and User Log-in ID)
18. Upon Completion of the Registration Process, a cookie is set and the process is completed. Once restarted the user information will be stored on the user PC/NB dialer.

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