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  About Cable One
  In a Few Words

Welcome to CableOne, a leading Data Service Provider (DSP) of wireless services in Lebanon.

  We operate wireless broadband services in Lebanon, Iraq, and Africa. We are also spreading our coverage in the Middle-East. 
  The breadth of our Telecommunication expertise is a result of over 15 years of service to clients in the wireless industry, GSM, switching and networking.
  We provide wireless interconnections between client branches as well as connections to Internet Service Providers.
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  Quality Statement
  We strive to offer our Customers leading-edge technology solutions and to fully support them in growing their services. At Cable One, we go beyond a customer-provider label.
Our diverse range offers Frame Relay and Ethernet connections over the whole of Lebanon at speeds from 64kbps to multiple E1s (2Mbps).
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Our clients vary from banks to all kinds of companies requiring secure and reliable VPN between branches and a fast connection to the Internet.  more >>
Our network configuration provides diverse services, clear Frame Relay end-to-end data and IP-over-Ethernet on point to multipoint access technology at licensed frequencies.  more >>
  Latest news
  Now broadband wireless WIGO Wireless Internet on the GO is availble from Cable One .... check www.wigo.net.lb 

Cable One is offering Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) solutions for customers requesting this service. 
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