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Our Mission

Wireless Broadband transmission of information is growing fast and becoming the most popular means for data transmission.  Wireless protocols can greatly increase network flexibility, productivity and cost-effectiveness.  Deploying robust wireless infrastructures with the performance and security of wired networks requires careful network planning, security-adaptation expertise, and know-how in wireless transmission and environments.

Cable one has engineered PDH, SDH and IP backbones for GSM and Data clients.  Cable One offers a full suite of consulting services to help you plan, design, implement and operate secure wireless networks.

Our networking and transmission planning expert teams have established knowledge in wireless network standards and implementations: 802.11, Frame Relay, RF engineering and spectrum allocation, network design, as well as wireless security architecture.

Our mission is to be your Premier Provider of such services and to assist you based on preference for suppliers, services, applications and regulations.  We will guide you from the very beginning, namely the conception of your plan till the delivery of your service and the achievement of your intended goals.  For existing clients we thrive to suit all needs and we seek every means to ensure satisfaction.


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