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Point-to-Point Connections

This type of connection provides a dedicated point-to-point link between Client and Base-station. No parts of the link, the interfaces are shared. This is usual only for E1 circuits, particularly circuit-switched paths.

Point-to-Multipoint Connections
Regulatory standards imposed by the regulator, international standardization bodies and committees recommend the use of point-to-multipoint technologies where a Base-station serves many customers' CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). The base-station is shared among all CPEs and the aggregate capacity of the CPE is shared by all CPEs. In view of the bursting type of IP traffic, such technology provides efficient use of the total capacity and of the spectrum.

Connections to ISPs

Our network is linked to major ISPs in Lebanon. The Client is connected to the ISP via a transparent connection that passes on various parts of the network, including Access Network, Backbone, Routers, Switches and Multiplexers.

VPNs Interconnecting Remote Branches
A Client VPN integrates multi-branches of a client into a single network. Each branch of the Client cloud interconnects to our network seamlessly. A connection between any two branches is seen as a dedicated link between these two branches.

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