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 What is Broadband?

Broadband is the next generation of Internet access, offering high speed Internet access that is permanently connected and allows both Internet connection and phone line availability to take place simultaneously on the same land line.

How do I sign up and what is the order process?
You can call the Cable One Sales line on 01-577588 anytime between 8:30a.m. and 5:00p.m. from Monday to Friday. You can also send an e-Mail at: sales@cable-1.net

What equipment will be installed to obtain a PowerLink service?
A 2 meter self support or wall mounted pole will be installed on the roof. The Broadband radio will be installed on this pole with a UTP cable going down to the premises. A power over Ethernet (POE) box will be installed at the premises, requiring a UPS power outlet. A standard RJ45 Ethernet cable is finally delivered to reach the server/router.

What is the procedure if I want to move the location?
If you are moving your Broadband service to another location or address, you can submit your new details to us and we will ensure you are up and running as soon as possible.

What is the procedure if I want to upgrade my Broadband account to a faster speed?
An upgrade or downgrade from one Broadband service to another can be undertaken by calling the technical department. This process will take up to 1 working day on average from the point of submission.

Can I connect more than one computer to the Internet?
It depends on the service that you have signed up for with the ISP. Regardless of this issue, Cable One supports a subnet of real IPs on its CPE. If the user needs to have double subnets or special setups it is usually done through a small internet gateway router with two Ethernet interfaces, or otherwise, by using a Proxy server with two LAN cards.

How can I protect my computer from getting a virus? Has my computer been infected?
It is very important to have Anti-Virus Software on your computer. If your computer contracts a virus, this could lead to e-Mail problems, intermittent connection and an array of other problems. Sometimes it is not obvious that your computer is infected, instead you might think it's a problem with your Internet Service Provider.

Cable One does not provide antivirus or anti spy scan service and is transparent to the traffic between the users and the ISP. As such, Cable One can not be held responsible for any loss or damages that viruses over its links may cause. 

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